Friday, September 4, 2009

Phew, We Have Somewhere to Sit

I really wanted to incorporate Mr. Riley and my Alma Mater into our wedding. It has played such an important role in our lives: the majority of our wedding party and family went to school there, it is where we met, and where we got engaged. So, in tribute, we have named our tables after places at James Madison University that are important to us and/or our guests

Here they all are...

The Sweatheart Table
When JMU was an all girl school the Kissing Rock was the farthest point boys were allowed to come onto campus. On any given night, you could see couples sharing a goodnight kiss at the rock. It is rumored that couples that share a kiss at the kissing rock will be together forever.
Memorial Hall: ROTC Headquarters
The Bookstore: A Staple (haha)
Bridgeforth Stadium: Because the World Revolves Around Football

Warren Hall: The Student Union
Gibbons Hall: AKA D-hall (where many a good meals were had)
Carrier Library: Study time
Harrison Hall: For the S-COM Majors
Gifford Hall: Ryan's Freshman Year Dorm
Coverse Hall: Residence Hall on the Quad

Miller Hall: Home of the Chemisty Dept for a while
Burruss Hall: Home of the Biology Dept
Wilson Hall: Center of Campus

Eagle Hall: Tallest Building on Campus; Freshman Dorm
Showker Hall: For all the Business Majors
Godwin Hall: Lots of GenEd Classes Held Here

The Festival: Home to lots of Sunday Evening Meals
Potomac Hall: Just about Everyone has Lived Here
ISAT: For the ISAT Major

*Unless otherwise noted all pictures above are courtesy of me*

I created these table names by finding pictures of the buildings online. I then cropped and recolored all the pictures and layered varying fonts over the pictures in the same green color we are using throughout the wedding. I then printed the pictures as 5x7 at Walmart. I then cut black cardstock so I would have a 1.5" border around the picture are adhere the photos to the cardstock with double stick tape. This project was super easy, very quick, and pretty inexpensive. I may print a second copy of all the pictures to adhere to the other side so people can see their table name from multiple directions but haven't yet decided.
So JMUers what do you think? What table would you like to sit at?

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  1. Miss_Riley! My name is Kate Queram and I'm a reporter with the Daily News-Record in Harrisonburg and am working on a story about local proposals. I would love to include your proposal story, since you said it happened somewhere at JMU. If you're interested, can you shoot me an email today at