Saturday, July 31, 2010

Cruisin' in the Fast Lane: Road Trip

Just after my finals ended and a short one week before the wedding I packed up all of our wedding related items, honeymoon necessities, and the pup and set out for Virginia.
[Source: Google Maps]
Two days later we arrived at my parents house haggard, tired, hungry, and with a strange wedding related symptom- passing out. Yep, I started passing out on the regular one week before our wedding. EEeeekkk.

It all started when I stopped to visit my sick grandmother in the hospital on the way to my parents house. I was standing at her bedside when *POOF* the room started spinning, I started get hot from head to toe, my ears started ringing, etc. I made it out to the nurses station before I lost it.

This happened a few more times despite trying to maintain a balanced diet, staying hydrated, and delegating wedding tasks. Thankfully it resolved itself and I had no issues during the wedding or since. I chalk it up to wedding jitters and several weeks of high stress.