Thursday, August 6, 2009

DIY Card Box

I started off with a plain heavy cardboard round hat box. I then spray painted the entire top of the box and the inside of the bottom of the box with flat black paint. This took approximately two to three light coats and because I had fast drying spray paint took about 2 hours to completely set up.
I order one yard of fabric that matched the fabric of our custom table runners, table squares, and ring bearers pillows (Michael Miller; Dandy Damask in Black). I then dug out my handy dandy hot glue gun, a little stitch witchery, a ruler, and a marking pencil (all things I keep around due to my random crafting urges).
I just measured the height and circumference of the bottom piece of the hat box and cut a piece of fabric to accomodate. I left myself about 2 inches of extra fabric on all sides but you could definitely get away with just an inch. Then I used my stitch witchery to create a hem on all sides, leaving a nice creased finished edge all the way around (sorry for the blurry picture).
I then started at one end and hot glued a thin bead between the fabric and the hat box. I noticed my fabric was exactly the right size (about 3/16" too tall) so I was careful to keep the fabric even across the bottom edge, so the box would still sit evenly. Finally I made a pretty bow out of some white satin ribbon with my Bowdabra (I told you I was a craft junky) and hot glued that centered on the top of the hat box. Viola! Super easy lemon peasy... took approximately 30 min after spray painting.
I still have not decided if I am going to cut a hole somewhere in the box for guests to slip their cards into or just set the top off to the side... What do you think?

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