Monday, January 11, 2010

Flower Girl Inspirations

When I first started looking for flowergirl dresses I FELL HARD for this dress by Beane&Company:

(Source for above pictures)

I mean, come on, it's perfect! But at $80 a dress they are quite pricey for two little growing girls. So I continued searching but obviously was comparing everything to these.

Option #1: Is this cute floor length number with pickups and a colored sash. They girls would wear a black sash instead of the purple.

(Source for above pictures)

Option #2: Is a short option and although I am not a huge fan of the neon organza sash it could easily be changed out.

Option #3: Is also a short option and not only has the black sash around the waist but also at the hem line. (Source)

Option #4: And finally this SUPER cute black number which perfectly matches the fabric of the bridesmaid's dress!

Regardless of the dress we choose we will probably have to make a few modifications with sashes or flowers. I have seen some really cute fabric flower ideas (thank you Martha!) that I would like to incorporate. Like this one:

How adorable would a smaller version of this be with a mixture of white, black, green, and damask flowers in varying fabrics such as cotton, satin, tulle, etc?!?

Or this one which could be very adorable in our damask fabric:

How cute will these dresses look with ballet flats (a la Suri Holmes)?

So what is your favorite option for the flower girl dresses? Is the fabric flower covered sash too much?