Friday, March 5, 2010

DIY Invitations Part IV: Suck It In...

...the belly band edition.

Belly bands (n): Decorative emblishment usually used for paper products whose purpose is to hold many items together or closed.
When we last left off our invitations were nicely secured in our pocketfold but our pocketfold was flapping in the wind. What did we do to fix it?
I started by wrapping 1.5 inch wide ribbon around the pocketfold and securing the ends to each other with double stick tape. Don't worry it doesn't have to look perfect you are just going to cover it up.
Next I added a small piece of 3M Mounting Tape on top of the ribbon. This was just to give the invitations a little more dimension. You could easily just use double stick tape here as well.
Finally, I adhered the monogram that I developed in Publisher to the top. The Mr. painstakingly trimmed the scraps from our pocketfolds projects to 2" x 2" squares then adhered our monogram cut into 1.5" x 1.5" squares on top with double stick tape.

-Offrey Ribbon (1.5" x 12') $2 per roll (used 9 rolls)
-Double Stick Tape: Already had (FREE)
-Mounting Tape: Already had (FREE)
-Cardstock for Monogram: Already had (FREE)
Total cost for invitations (made 120): $18
Total per invitation: $0.15
Grand total per invitation-to-date (belly bands, invitations, pocketfolds, envelope liners) : $2.34
Up next: Outer Envelopes and Mailing!!

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