Sunday, May 2, 2010

What's A Guy To Do?

If you remember a few months back Ryan and I were debating what type of tux the guys would wear. I eventually gave in and the guys were going to wear the charcoal morning suit but I absolutely vetoed the ascot.

Well this threw a HUGE wrench in the plan. Ryan didn't like the look of the vests online and wanted to try on the morning coat with his vest options. Men's Wearhouse does not carry their tux jackets in the store for customer's to try on and they will not order one for you to try on. WTF, Men's Wearhouse?

After a few calls Ryan was able to track down one store that had a few samples to available to try on and one happened to be the morning coat. GREAT, right?!? Well the store is in Kansas City, 2 hours away. So this weekend we hoped in the car bright and early and drove to "The City" to try on tux coats.

When we arrived Ryan immediately located the sample and put it on.... whomp, whomp. It was a huge dud. The jacket was just way to long for someone of his stature and did nothing for his figure. We joked that he could sells watches out his coat on the street corner but it would not be making an appearance at our wedding. The Mr. was definitely disappointed but we started the search for new options.

He tried on several more samples before deciding upon the Wilke-Rodriguez Two Button Satin Edge Notched Lapel.

He decided to keep the same white pique collar wing shirt:

He put his own twist on the outfit by selecting a silver herringbone vest and plain tie for the groomsmen and a black herringbone vest and plain tie for himself.

To finish the outfit off they guys will be wearing these sassy bouts:

All photos courtesy of Men's Wearhouse unless otherwise noted.


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  2. Dear Dave,
    If you read my post you would notice that although we were forced to go with Men's Wearhouse due to a lack of other available options our experiences with your stores (yes, that is plural- 3 in total- over 3 different states) have been less than pleasant. I find it completely neurotic that you expect people to rent hundreds upon hundreds of dollars in tuxedos from your store without so much as the option to try them on in the store beforehand. Bride's are not the only ones who want to look great on their wedding day and frankly would you expect a bride to buy a dress without trying it on? I doubt it, so what gives?

    The Rileys