Monday, February 8, 2010

The Great Tux Debate

We rarely fight over anything wedding related (disagree, yes...fight, no) but recently we have had several fights over one topic... tuxes. I know you're thinking tuxes? What is there to fight about over tuxes? But apparently there is a lot. When we first started planning our wedding I envisioned my groom in something like this:

A simple well fitting suit...but he had other ideas. Here is what he sent me for inspiration:

That's right... my future husband REQUESTED to wear a morning suit. According to the omniscient Wikipedia morning suits, also known as a cutaway suits, consist of:
-A single-breasted jacket with one button that gradually curves away into tails (traditionally grey, buff, or black)
-A waistcoat that can be single or double breasted
-Striped or checked pants worn with suspenders
-A wing collared shirt with ascot or bow tie or turn down collared shirt with collar studs and tie
-Pocket square
-Black Oxford shoes or dress boots

Although I have read many conflicting statements about when it is appropriate to wear morning suits the overall consensus I could find was no later than 6pm. We will be getting married at 4pm, so technically, its still acceptable.

So what are we fighting about? I don't love the look of tails but it is his attire so I conceded on that point. Now we are fighting about color. I like the look of the all black morning suit because it is a little more formal and being that our reception isn't over until 10pm I felt the formality will help bridge the etiquette gap of wearing a morning suit into the evening. Mr. Riley feels it looks a little prom-ish.

(Black Morning Jacket and Pants- Source)

He would rather wear the charcoal grey version of the morning suit because it is more traditional and it is what all the men in his family have worn. I understand the grey is a neutral and would probably "go" with overall look of our wedding but I also feel it is a complete curve ball because everything at our wedding is black, white, or green. In addition I think the patterned ascot and pants will be a little busy with all the damask we have going on.

(Charcoal Grey with Hickory Striped Pants- Source)

Am I being a bridezilla? Is the grey clashing or does it provide some visual contrast?

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  1. as soon as there was mention of grey I was like wtf? grey is nowhere in the wedding and I agree it will clash.