Friday, February 12, 2010

All I want for Valentine's Day is a Card(igan)!

When I first saw this wedding I think I literally drooled all over my keyboard. Not only are they a darling couple with an amazing looking wedding but how BEAUTIFUL is that cardigan? In the words of Rachel Zoe, "I die".

That was it. I was addicted and started seeing beautiful cardigans everywhere.... in stores, in my dreams, and all over wedding blogs. Check out these bride's spectacular finds.

May in Virginia could either be 85, hot, and humid or 60, rainy, and muggy. In order to be prepared (or at least that is what I told myself) I set off in search of the perfect cardi for our wedding. Take a look at some of these cute numbers I found along the way.
(J. Crew, Ruffled spring Celosia cardigan, $98)
(J. Crew, Chiffon forget-me-not cardigan, $128)
(Ruche, fae blossom gray sweater cardigan, $49.99)
(Anthropologie, Demi-Sec Cardigan, $128)
(Anthropologie, Recital Cardigan, $88)
(Ruche, pink sprouting stitches cardigan, $41.99)
(Ruche, espresso bean short cardigan, $35.99)

(Ruche, shimmery stardust pattern cardigan, $42.99)

(Cutiemus, Summersweet Cardigan, $52.00)

I did end up finding a sweater in the perfect shade of green. It was from Target and best of all on clearance for a whopping $7.00. I have a few projects up my sleeve to jazz it up a little but more to come on those later!
Where did you find your wedding day attire inspiration?


  1. You've given me inspiration! When I get married, I think I'm gonna have to pull from the second set of pictures, ie. red cardigan. I love the whole look. Of course, my first thought was OMG, I can wear my cowboy boots. Done and done. Cowboy boots it is.

  2. You can SO wear your cowboy boots and I have plenty of inspiration pictures to share when you get married!

  3. I love these shots! I have a cardigan in every color of the rainbow. I think I may wear one over my dress too. :)