Thursday, February 25, 2010

One 'Do Over' coming right up!

After months and months of contimplation I finally decided that I just couldn't make the dress I originally purchased work for me. At this point we were less than 100 days out meaning that I had to act and act fast if I wanted to get a new wedding dress.

I searched online for a week or so hoping to find a used dress that I liked but everything was either out of my price range, not my size, or already purchased (damn those used wedding dress websites that keep dresses posted for eternity!). With no luck on the internet I decided to brave the big bad world of brick and mortar shops. Because I am new to Kansas I hit up my trusty best friend, Google, to locate and read reviews of shops. I found two in the city I lived in and decided to give them a shot.

I walked into the first shop* (without an appointment) and WOAH was it different than any of the previous bridal stores I had been to. Not only did they not care I didn't have an appointment, they showed me the SALE dresses FIRST, let me pull my own dresses (of course they pulled lots of great options too), and basically treated me like a princess from the moment I walked in the door. My attendant really listened to why I felt my first dress didn't flatter me and then the types of dresses I now thought I was looking for. She made it her personal quest to pull every dress in that store that met my criteria.... and then some.

So, what was my new criteria:
-A dress that I could buy off the rack or that could be rush ordered
-A sweatheart neckline to accentuate my smaller top half
-Lace, because it is so beautiful and classic
-A more fitted silhouette
-Not a ton of beading

Due to my previous experiences I did not remotely consider the fact that the store would allow me to try on dresses without an appointment so I was not prepared with a camera to document my escapades.

In the end it came down to a San Patrick gown that probably would not arrive in time or an Essence of Australia gown that I could purchase off the rack. Obviously, I went with the Essence of Australia gown....

I really love this dress and it looks so good on (if I may toot my own horn)! Really though, it fits like a glove, accentuates the small curves I do have, and makes me feel like a bride instead of a little girl trying on her mommy's dress. The two differences between the gown I purchased and the gown above our mine is off-white and instead of a corsetted back it has a hidden zipper with tiny crystal buttons.

Are you a two dress bride? What did you do with your other dress? Keep it, Sell it, Donate it?
*I can not say enough good things about Celebrations of the Heart. If you ever find yourself in central Kansas and in need of a wedding dress make this your first stop!


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  2. Brooke....GORGEOUS!

    (though I'm sure you would have looked beautiful in the other dress as well :) )


  3. That's a beautiful dress! I'd look into that shop but luckily I won't ever have to fly to Kansas (8+hrs from Pgh) again since my future hubby retired from the Army, left Ft. Riley and came back to Pa. =)