Thursday, February 11, 2010

Where in the World in Carmen Sandiego?, Pt II

(drum roll please)

Coconut Bay Beach
Resort and Spa
on the island of St. Lucia
You might ask why this one? And the answer is simple, it best fit our criteria without breaking the bank. Sure we could have afforded to stay at one of the more luxurious hotels but we would have had very little spending to do all the rest of things we interested in doing (ie. excursions). Another big factor in our decision was flights. Like I mentioned before we have a very limited time for this vacation and Coconut Bay is located 5-10min from the airport. The flight into St. Lucia arrived a 2pm meaning we weren't losing a whole day for travel like some of the other islands. But enough with the talk lets get to the good stuff.... the pictures!
I should first mention that this hotel is divided into two "mini resorts". Splash is for families and is located right next to water park (yep, there is a water park on our resort... more to come on that). Harmony is for adults, mainly couples, and is located on the spa side of the resort. We will be staying on the Harmony side of the hotel and because we saved so much money on the rest of the trip we were able to upgrade to a Premium Ocean Front Room.
And since our room is located so close to the spa we will definitely be indulging in a few treatments. Not to mention the prices are FANTASTIC!
I'm sure we will eventually make it to the beach for some lounging. I read some pretty negative reviews about the beach mostly centering on the lack of white sand and abundance of algae (because the resort is on the Atlantic Side of the island). I know these could be HUGE negatives if you weren't aware but we are and are both used to swimming in the Atlantic so we don't think it will be a big deal.
And if the beach doesn't work out we always have the swim-up bar (#1 criteria on the Mr.'s wish list), adults only pool, or ENTIRE water park to enjoy (I'm talking multiple slides, lazy river, splash zones, etc). Plus we have read awesome reviews about the bartenders and can't wait to meet them.
If all that is not enough there are a plethora of excursion available ranging from historic sugar mill tours, zip lining in the jungle, wind-surfing, volcano tours, scuba diving, kayaking, snorkeling, general island tours, and the list goes on and on.
After all of that I'm sure we (and by we I mean me) will be starving. There are three different restaurants to get our eat on: the standard resort buffet(Coconut Walk), an Italian a la carte restaurant (Bellagio), and an Asian style a la carte restaurant (Silk).

At this point we are over the wedding and just want to go on our honeymoon! Is that terrible to say? Are you more excited for your wedding, honeymoon, mini-moon, or even your stay-cation?

*All photos are courtesy of the Coconut Bay Resort and Spa website unless otherwise noted.

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