Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cruisin' in the Fast Lane: Practice Makes Perfect!

The day before our rehearsal my mom and sister came home from a shopping extravaganza with some new snazzy dresses to wear to the rehearsal. They pulled them out to show me and they were almost IDENTICAL to the dress I was planning to wear. Cue panicked drama!

This is the dress I was going to wear. Fear not though. I've owned the dress for forever and have worn it a multitude of times pre and post wedding.


So, of couse I had to go shopping. Duh. Ryan and I spent the morning running errands and then frantically hit up the mall to find a stand in. I finally found the perfect yellow dress to wear only to spill make-up on it as I was walking out the door. Doh! So I ended up in another dress that I brought from Kansas. Drama. Drama. Drama.

We arrived at the church a little early to preview everyone's outfits for the wedding since we hadn't seen most of our bridal party in 6 months to a year.

Some Walking

Tired Bridesmaids
The rehearsal was like most we processed, recessed, processed, recessed, processed, and recessed one more time for good measure. Once we had sufficiently walked over five miles we headed down the street for a little dinner.

We arrived to a beautifully decorated restaurant (thanks to MIL) and sat down to eat some grub.

 And finally we opened some gifts!

 Photos courtesy of Bridesmaids Aida and Lynsey!

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