Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Cruisin' in the Fast Lane: VA is for Lovers

In the few short days leading up to the wedding we also got work on our OOT boxes! I put the whole family to work on this one as we had to make 30+ boxes to be delivered. I was a terrible blogger the week before the wedding. This was mainly due to the fact I was running around like a mad woman, passing out, or trying not to pass out  therefore I got ZERO pictures of the creation of or the final product of our boxes. :(

The "theme" for our OOT bags was VA is for Lovers because the vast majority of our guests were not from the state we tried to put together a little box of things VA is known for and especially things we really loved.

Here is what we included:

VA is for Lovers Bumper Sticker: We got these for free from here. They came in packs of 100 so we put one for each person in the OOT boxes.
[Source: Wish Special Events]

Fredericksburg Tourism Information: My mom was so kind to raid to the local visitor center for free information packets related to Fredericksburg VA. She even made friends with the lady who ran the center who in turn ordered us even more information especially for our guests. We got maps of the area, restaurant guides, information on other events happening that weekend like the Renaissance Fair, etc. You can also downloading lots of guides and tour information from visitfred.com.

[Source: Virginia]
Route 11 Potato Chips:
Route 11 is highway that both Ryan and I grew up near. The original chip factory was about 10 minutes from the house I lived in as a small child and the chips are BANGING so we knew we had to incorporate them. We gave each guest a bag of chips and tried to vary the flavors in the box. We ordered the 2oz. snack bag combo case which included a sampling of their Lightly Salted, Barbeque, Dill Pickle, Sour Cream and Onion, Chesapeake Crab, Salt and Vinegar, Sweet Potato, and Mama Zuma's Revenge Habanero flavors. They also carry Garlic and Herb, Mixed Vegetable, Yukon Gold, Mama Zuma's Revenge Green Chile Enchillada, and Hayman flavors. YUMMMOOO!
[Source: Route 11 Potato Chips]
Virginia Peanuts: Since VA is known for their peanuts we through in a few individual packages of the appropriately named Hubbies by Hubbard Peanut Company.

[Source: Hubbard Peanut Company]
WELCOME BOOKLET: We wanted to welcome our guests so we wrote a short note to them on the front of the booklet. Inside we gave them all the important information concerning the wedding including addresses, times, etc.

[From L,R Top, Bottom: Back Panel, Front Panel, Inside Right Panel, Inside Left Panel]
VA Postcards:
Each OOT Box also got a Greetings from Virginia Postcard from Zazzle.

[Source: Zazzle]
We grabbed some 8oz bottled waters and stuck those in as well.

We packaged everything in 9x6x6 white gable boxes from here.
[Source: Mr Take Out Bags]
To decorate the boxed we wrapped 2" wide black ribbon from handle hole to handle hole, hot gluing the ends about 1" down the inside of the box. We then used double sided tape to cover one side panel with a half sheet of paper we had specially printed at FedEx/Kinkos.

In the end they looked similar to these boxes on WeddingBee.

[Source: Habibah14 via Wedding Bee]
Are you doing OOT boxes? What did you include?

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