Saturday, August 7, 2010

Cruisin' in the Fast Lane: Strike a Pose!

Our photobooth in action...

The photobooth was a HUGE hit with all of our guests especially the younger ones! We both thought it turned out great but there are a few things we could have done better...

1) Get another battery and have it charged. Our battery ran out about halfway causing us to have to close down and charge the battery up putting a HUGE dent in the photobooth momentum.

2) Get someone to take pictures. We used a remote and believe people mistakenly held down the button too long so we ended up with every other "picture" being a video. This also contributed significantly to the battery suck. This will also prevent people from moving the tripod or taking your camera off the tripod (yep, that happened).

3) Go to the photobooth. Neither my husband nor I set foot anywhere near our photobooth. Big tear. :(

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