Saturday, July 18, 2009

About Me

I’m Miss Riley (real names have been changed) and I currently live in Virginia with my fur baby, Liberty Belle (she goes by Libby for short). Mr. Riley is in the Army and is currently deployed to Iraq but the countdown to his return has already begun. I have pretty much been a one-man wedding planning show but look forward to the day when we can share this experience.

Mr. Riley and I are both from Virginia, it is where we grew up, fell in love, and now will be getting married. Although when Mr. Riley returns he will be stationed in Kansas and about six months prior to our wedding I will be moving there to live with Mr. Riley and start nursing school. It will be hard planning a wedding from, literally, half-way across the country but I think we are up for the challenge!

Keep checking back to see where along the "Road to Matrimony" we are.

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