Monday, July 27, 2009

Floral Inspirations

I was having a really hard time finding green flowers, number one and BRIGHT green flowers number two. I eventually found these great inspiration photos that I shared with my florist.

I love the simple and clean look of the Bells of Ireland flanking this ceremony. They're no fuss but still interesting and draw your eye. We will be incorporating some Bells of Ireland into our ceremony arrangements but we will have centerpiece very similar to this used at our reception site for the place cards.

The Bells of Ireland centerpiece will replace this busier centerpiece at our reception. The place cards will just be lined up around the centerpiece on the table (not in wheat grass displays) and black framed copies of our menu will go in the spaces between the groups of place cards.

I have also discovered through this process that I LOVE LOVE LOVE MUMS, every single variety, button mums, spider mums, football mums, ALL OF THEM!! The bridesmaids will be carrying bouquets similar to this one. I will also carry a bouquet similar to this one expect mine will be slightly larger and have more white varieties of mums/roses instead of green.

Here I go again with the mums... they're so freakin' cute! I don't think flower petals would stand a chance against our two adorable but precocious flower girls so I decided on pomanders. They're cute and easy... all they have to focus on is walking up the isle. Although, I'm sure these will become weapons of mass destruction sometime in the night (probably against the ring bearers)! :)

Our table arrangements will look something like this but will be mini green hydrangeas with some white roses in it. The bases will be of similar porportion but black (these look grey to me).

The gentlemen will be wearing simple green dendrobium orchids like these possibly with some hypericum berries mixed in.

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