Saturday, July 18, 2009

Wedding Invitations

The damask wedding invitation kit is from Target. It was $24.99 for 50 count DIY Invitations, Lined Envelopes, Response Cards, Coordinating Envelopes, and Seals. I did not realize that the Response Cards included with the kit were fold-over and they were rather large just to include response card information. I am repurposing those cards to include reception, hotel accomodation, and transporation information.
I then picked up some black and white all-purpose cards made by BRIDES from Michael's. They were $14.99 for 40 count and I will use them for response cards. Viola! A complete wedding invitation set for around $0.87 a person.
**UPDATE** Although I loved this invitation set, once I bought all the other stationary from the BRIDES collection these just seemed out of place. The BRIDES Collection paper was a slightly different shade of white and was textured while the Target paper was not. We decided to return these and use the BRIDES invitation set that we were going to repurpose as menus as the actual invitations. We will now print a few menus on cardstock and frame them. These will be arranged on the place card table and on the bars.

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